Created in Liepaja, with wind in the head.

What is Liepāja’s windspiration?

Creativity gives birth to something new. But windspiration happens when wind of Liepāja blows into your head.

Windspiration can be easily mastered – all that you have to do is to be out there in the wind. Open your mouth and stick your phone deep into your pocket. What happens next? The wind knocks over all the shelves in your head and mixes up your thoughts that have never been together. This is how the idea of a major company, as well as simply a good mood is born.

No wonder that windspiration was first discovered in Liepāja. In the city where wind lives and where there’s a bridge that turns like a head. In a city to people from all over Latvia drive and fly to be in the wind. In a city where no two Mondays are ever alike.

If you also have ideas or works created with wind in the head, tell us about them in the section MY WINDSPIRATION. Together, we can blow them all over Latvia and the world to let people know what is created when the wind’s in your head in Liepāja!






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